How does a person control a computer? Present and future
What devices do we use to control computers with? At first there were the tumblers, then the electric typewriters. The technique developed, color video monitors appeared, various new devices appeared…

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Choosing a computer correctly
Some people prefer to buy already-equipped models in stores, thinking that the specialists in them have already thought out all the nuances in advance. In fact, this is not always…

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How does a computer affect a child?
How often, remembering our childhood, we catch ourselves thinking that at the present time life is becoming more intense, richer, more active. Particularly acute is the lack of time and…

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more energy

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Why and how to solve Web-Quest?

According to my observations, after the advent of various technologies in our lives, for example, computers, the older generation increasingly begins to spy on children: “Why did we buy a computer for you? For study or for toys? ” And it’s really funny, in the eyes of caring parents, their child instead of studying is sitting at the next shooter, killing scary monsters for hours.

On the other hand, few adults can come up with an interesting use of the computer for educational purposes – well, unless options slip in the form of typing into a test editor or printout of a report on any subject. At school, the computer is used in almost the same way – the student is given the standard task, he sits at the computer for the whole lesson, and with a ringing under a funny boom, he rushes for a break, shaking out the particles of knowledge he got from his head. What interest in learning can we talk Continue reading

Computer graphics. What is it?

Speaking in a dry scientific language, computer graphics (for brevity we will call it CG, in the colloquial terms of users – CJ) refers to the field of computer science, which studies methods and means of creating and processing images using hardware and software systems.

This is read by a person who is far from such high matters, understands little, is frightened and involuntarily makes himself negative about her. But there is nothing to be afraid of. CG for us now is the second environment after the environment of nature, which many have ceased to see, sitting in the city walls and facing the monitor. If translated into a very simple language, then CG are those images that we see on this very monitor or screen and which are easy to copy, for example, onto paper, which has still remained one of the external storage media. Continue reading

Can I start programming in 5 minutes? Is quite real

The topic of programming lessons has been raised more than once, but many of these materials are either too complicated for beginners or require additional preparation and installation of various (often expensive and time-consuming) software packages. Is it possible to do without all this? Can!

We will try to get by with a minimum of additional information, so that in 5 minutes our first program will work. So let’s get started. Introduction According to the encyclopedia, a computer program is a sequence of instructions for a computer. A programming language is a formalized way of writing computer programs. It is important to note that the computer itself does not need a “human” language; it copes well with machine codes in binary format. These codes are simple instructions like: “Take the number at address 100, add the number at address 101, put the result in cell 102”. Continue reading

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What is the Morris Worm?
In early November 1988, the first ever network attack on computers connected to the global network took place. Her culprit was Cornell University graduate student Robert Tappan Morris. The program,…


Steve Jobs: why did he succeed?
Apple fans realized that this was inevitable. Their antagonists and indifferents did not think about this. October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs passed away ... If you have never seen records…


Computer for the photographer
The average photo taken on a camera with a resolution of 20 MP matrix weighs up to hundreds of MB. You can work with a file up to 100 MB…