What is Rear Admiral Grace Hopper famous for?
Grace Hopper was an excellent mathematician and one of the first "encoders", so-called programmers. In…

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Why does your site load for a long time?
Remember how often you get annoyed when you go to Odnoklassniki.ru. And the point here…

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What is a "computer generation"? Generation "2" and the following
“If the aviation industry had developed as rapidly as the computing industry in the past…

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Why and how to solve Web-Quest?

According to my observations, after the advent of various technologies in our lives, for example, computers, the older generation increasingly begins to spy on children: “Why did we buy a computer for you? For study or for toys? ” And it’s really funny, in the eyes of caring parents, their child instead of studying is sitting at the next shooter, killing scary monsters for hours.

On the other hand, few adults can come up with an interesting use of the computer for educational purposes – well, unless options slip in the form of typing into a test editor or printout of a report on any subject. At school, the computer is used in almost the same way – the student is given the standard task, he sits at the computer for the whole lesson, and with a ringing under a funny boom, he rushes for a break, shaking out the particles of knowledge he got from his head. What interest in learning can we talk Continue reading

Should I use a standard video editor? Windows movie maker

When a large amount of diverse video material is accumulated on the computer of an ordinary user, a definite desire arises (especially given the existence of the Internet and many social networks in it) to share it with as many people as possible.

Home video material such as filming holidays, hiking and other events is calmly laid out on the same YouTube video hosting, some more special shootings can be used to create a variety of video reviews, video blogs and similar Internet hobbies. In any case, the video material that should be posted on the Web often needs some work – if not color correction, then at least cropping unsuccessful fragments. Special programs for such work are video editors (video editors). Continue reading

How much did the first personal computer cost?

I must say that April 1 was a suitable day for the birth of a company that was going to do business at that time not at all serious, namely the sale of personal computers. In 1976, in the United States, this business seemed highly dubious. Who could be interested in personal computers at that time? Only crazy hams. For them, parts were sold in the store, from which the Altair 8800 home computer could be assembled without special difficulties. Those who did not want to bother with a soldering iron and with a setting could ask the seller in the store to assemble it for a small additional fee. A home computer could be connected to a TV and, paying for an additional communication unit, to a household cassette recorder. What to do next? No one knew. So the founders of the Apple company, the famous Steve Jobs (1955−2011) and the now less known Steve Wozniak, not only two namesakes, but also two friends, decided to take up a clearly unsuccessful business. Fools! Stupid kids! Continue reading