Steve Jobs: why did he succeed?
Apple fans realized that this was inevitable. Their antagonists and indifferents did not think about…

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Free software for the computer: "nothing to wear"?
You bought a computer for your home, turned it on ... - and you immediately…

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What is a "computer generation"? Generation "2" and the following
“If the aviation industry had developed as rapidly as the computing industry in the past…

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beyond recognition

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Where to start learning programming?

How to learn the art of computer programming? And programming is an art! How to make a complex machine execute your commands? How to understand all the many programming languages?

Where to begin? What to pay special attention to? From the abundance of information on this issue dizzy. Do not despair, I will help you. Many programming languages ​​have been invented, and many are no longer relevant. There is no need to learn all languages, it is important to choose a language for your tasks. All these languages ​​have in common – they don’t speak them, they write programs. A program is a sequence of statements. Continue reading

Will computers kill chess as a sport?

The question would seem to be simple, but finding the answer to it is not so simple. Let’s try to figure it out together. For centuries, chess has been a human game, but technology does not stand still. Mankind has long been trying to create an artificial brain in one sense or another of the word. The main task of this work is to teach the brain to think like a person. To do this, you need to come up with a methodology for checking “brain activity”, and according to programmers, chess is the best suited for this. Chess is a sport of the mind. Only the ability to think, think, analyze better (or, alternatively, in a different way) than your opponent does, will allow you to win. The first chess programs were very primitive. They evaluated which move would be the best in this situation, without having a common game strategy. This method of “thinking” usually ran counter to chess theory. On the one hand, a classical chess player familiar with the Continue reading

Computer graphics. What is it?

Speaking in a dry scientific language, computer graphics (for brevity we will call it CG, in the colloquial terms of users – CJ) refers to the field of computer science, which studies methods and means of creating and processing images using hardware and software systems.

This is read by a person who is far from such high matters, understands little, is frightened and involuntarily makes himself negative about her. But there is nothing to be afraid of. CG for us now is the second environment after the environment of nature, which many have ceased to see, sitting in the city walls and facing the monitor. If translated into a very simple language, then CG are those images that we see on this very monitor or screen and which are easy to copy, for example, onto paper, which has still remained one of the external storage media. Continue reading

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What to choose - Nvidia or Radeon? Video cards
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HP All-in-One 24-f0030ur All-in-One PC
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How to get a Turing Award?
The most famous scientific award in the world is undoubtedly the Nobel Prize. It was…