What is a tablet computer for?
What is a tablet computer for? First of all, so that a person is not…

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The computer is very noisy
PC noise often interferes with collecting thoughts, annoying - especially in the absence of other…

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The motherboard and its role in personal computers
One of the most important components of your computer is the motherboard. However, her name…

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Steve Jobs: why did he succeed?

Apple fans realized that this was inevitable. Their antagonists and indifferents did not think about this. October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs passed away …

If you have never seen records of his speeches, you probably draw him like this: an unprincipled, bile-oriented person oriented to profit. After all, only such a person could become a leader among business sharks? Watch iPhone, iPad, Stanford, or Steve Jobs presentations or interviews. You will understand that this is a sincere and intelligent person who achieved success only because he was engaged in a business for which he was born. Continue reading

How to choose an antivirus program?

Each computer user often wonders what kind of antivirus is better. The Internet has enough tips and solutions to this issue, but each person has his own opinion on this matter. After all, everyone praises the program that they use …

However, from time to time you still have to return to choosing the appropriate antivirus program. So, let’s figure out how to choose the right antivirus.

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Should I use a standard video editor? Windows movie maker

When a large amount of diverse video material is accumulated on the computer of an ordinary user, a definite desire arises (especially given the existence of the Internet and many social networks in it) to share it with as many people as possible.

Home video material such as filming holidays, hiking and other events is calmly laid out on the same YouTube video hosting, some more special shootings can be used to create a variety of video reviews, video blogs and similar Internet hobbies. In any case, the video material that should be posted on the Web often needs some work – if not color correction, then at least cropping unsuccessful fragments. Special programs for such work are video editors (video editors). Continue reading