Cleaning personal computer components
Cleaning personal computer components On numerous forums with surprising constancy there are branches in which the interlocutors try to understand the causes of failures in laptops and personal computers. As…

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From Windows to Linux?
I have been repairing and maintaining computers for over 20 years. Started work at MSDOS. Then Windows 3.1; Windows 95, 98; Windows 2000 Finally, Windows XP. And today - Windows…

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How to choose a tablet?
If you have a child, then such a question does not arise before him. The answer is obvious - exactly the same as the most advanced peers. But since you…

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Free software for the computer: “nothing to wear”?

You bought a computer for your home, turned it on … – and you immediately wanted to exclaim, like in a fairy tale: “But the king (that is, the computer) is naked!” I mean – there are almost no programs in it except an operating system such as MS Windows XP or Windows Vista / 7. That’s right – commercial user programs cost money, and considerable. Therefore, they must be reinstalled. This is similar to the fact that the new apartment has only walls, but no furniture. Further, computer users have two legal ways. One of them is honestly buying expensive software licenses (the option with installing “pirated” copies of programs is not considered). But there is another way, so simple that it seems incredible, to install legally free software! This will be discussed in the article.

Office software package This is about the Microsoft Office package, which includes the Word text editor, Excel spreadsheets, and others. The author was convinced in practice: many believe that these programs are part of the Continue reading

Where to start learning programming?

How to learn the art of computer programming? And programming is an art! How to make a complex machine execute your commands? How to understand all the many programming languages?

Where to begin? What to pay special attention to? From the abundance of information on this issue dizzy. Do not despair, I will help you. Many programming languages ​​have been invented, and many are no longer relevant. There is no need to learn all languages, it is important to choose a language for your tasks. All these languages ​​have in common – they don’t speak them, they write programs. A program is a sequence of statements. Continue reading

Home mini server? Easy and convenient

Many people associate with the word “server” with a large expensive computer installed in a separate room, and with the constantly gloomy system administrator on duty near this farm

Far fewer users know that for a long time there have been home mini-servers on sale, weighing only about 200 grams, without moving parts (which means completely silent), costing $ 100-200. Why is this needed? In fact, the home server is a fully configured and ready-to-work mini-computer that provides users with many useful features. The technology is called NAS (Network Attached Storage), which translates as “network storage”, but the functions of modern devices go far beyond simple file storage. Continue reading

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Computer for video editing 2019
A computer for video editing is not much different from a good gaming one, only the most top-end models are equipped with specialized NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. The computer requirements…


Will computers kill chess as a sport?
The question would seem to be simple, but finding the answer to it is not so simple. Let's try to figure it out together. For centuries, chess has been a…


Silent computer - is this possible? Quite!
The topic of silent operation of a personal computer has always been quite relevant, since in cramped apartments the noise of the computer is very disturbing to others. Let's see…