Computer for a designer
Designers are divided into those who work with two-dimensional graphics and three-dimensional. Working with 3D…

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HP All-in-One 24-f0030ur All-in-One PC
The HP All-in-One 24-f0030ur is a high-speed home-use machine with a dual-core processor of the…

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Will computers kill chess as a sport?
The question would seem to be simple, but finding the answer to it is not…

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How to choose a tablet?

If you have a child, then such a question does not arise before him. The answer is obvious – exactly the same as the most advanced peers. But since you pay for a tablet – regardless of whether you purchase it for yourself or for your beloved child, or even for parents – in any case, you have to, it’s better to evaluate the possible options more critically.

For the smallest, your child wants to have a fashionable gadget, although he can barely read the syllables and count to ten? Take your time to buy him a fashionable “toy”: firstly, for a baby it’s too expensive and fragile, and secondly, interest in the device at this age can easily turn into addiction. Electronics Continue reading

What is Rear Admiral Grace Hopper famous for?

Grace Hopper was an excellent mathematician and one of the first “encoders”, so-called programmers. In the mid-twentieth century, she, as an officer of the US Navy, like everyone who was “close” to computers, worked at Harvard in the department that was engaged in obtaining ballistic tables for artillery tasks.

So Grace Hopper is considered one of the first programmers in the world: she worked on the computer of Mark I, the former, in fact, a giant calculator. The giant Mark I was intended for the computational processes of obtaining artillery ballistic tables, in the already written algorithm, mathematical tasks (modules) of a general nature were provided. Hopper and her colleagues (by the way, there were much more female programmers involved in coding than men) coped with this – they first applied Continue reading