Notebooks for 3D Max
3D Max is a powerful 3D modeling tool. The program can create static three-dimensional pictures and full-fledged dynamic scenes. Typically, you use a desktop computer rather than a laptop to…

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How to choose an antivirus program?
Each computer user often wonders what kind of antivirus is better. The Internet has enough tips and solutions to this issue, but each person has his own opinion on this…

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How to choose a laptop? Specifications, keyboard and battery
The operating system and screen size are not the only important parameters of the laptop. Its ability to process data is linked to the characteristics of components, autonomy largely depends…

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How to keep your computer healthy?

A computer is a universal tool that allows you to work, relax, chat, or shop. At the same time, even without visiting malicious sites, you cannot be sure of protecting your computer, as the search for vulnerabilities in the IT industry is always ahead of the development of protection. Thus, you should independently worry about the safety of your data with the help of an antivirus.

What is it and why is it necessary? The comfort of using a particular system is inversely related to security. This rule has some derogations, but in general terms it looks just like that. Therefore, no matter how comfortable it is to work, one must assume the possibility of hacking. Even by accessing regular pages and not clicking any unnecessary links, you can get malware onto your computer if the page you Continue reading

How do daddy kids with computers decide the future?

Dad, kids and computer. Why not “mothers, children and a computer”? Because mom has something to do in the house, and dad – not always. Most dads do not know how and do not want to do anything. They bring money. Moms tolerate any antics of dads for the money. If dad just lies on the couch, resting, then mom was lucky, this is the minimum evil.

And also because dad is power. Power in the house. And if there is no power, then there is no father. If the head of the family is mom, then dad is another child, and with a developmental delay. So, what happens in the house when there is a computer in it (almost everyone has it now)? Continue reading

What revolutionary computer novelty did the manufacturer prepare for release? SPACE LUMINA

We are witnessing the advent of a new computer era, the era of the so-called wearable technology. There is a super-miniaturization of computer devices. At the same time, the list of their functions is expanding, the speed of computing processes is increasing, due to cloud technologies it is possible to store files of especially large sizes and work with these files from anywhere in the world.

Exactly four years ago, in April 2011, the still little-known, but very ambitious network company WOR (L) D GLOBAL NETWORK was created. The company plans to develop existing computer technologies to the most advanced level. There are no precedents, this is the first network company in the world – a Continue reading

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What can tablets be like?
It would seem a banal question. But today, not everything is so simple: the boom on tablets does not subside, and competition is growing. Svyaznoy, for example, reports that tablet…


What is Rear Admiral Grace Hopper famous for?
Grace Hopper was an excellent mathematician and one of the first "encoders", so-called programmers. In the mid-twentieth century, she, as an officer of the US Navy, like everyone who was…


Cleaning personal computer components
Cleaning personal computer components On numerous forums with surprising constancy there are branches in which the interlocutors try to understand the causes of failures in laptops and personal computers. As…