How do daddy kids with computers decide the future?
Dad, kids and computer. Why not “mothers, children and a computer”? Because mom has something…

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Where to start learning programming?
How to learn the art of computer programming? And programming is an art! How to…

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How to keep your computer healthy?
A computer is a universal tool that allows you to work, relax, chat, or shop.…

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Can I start programming in 5 minutes? Is quite real

The topic of programming lessons has been raised more than once, but many of these materials are either too complicated for beginners or require additional preparation and installation of various (often expensive and time-consuming) software packages. Is it possible to do without all this? Can!

We will try to get by with a minimum of additional information, so that in 5 minutes our first program will work. So let’s get started. Introduction According to the encyclopedia, a computer program is a sequence of instructions for a computer. A programming language is a formalized way of writing computer programs. It is important to note that the computer itself does not need a “human” language; it copes well with machine codes in binary format. These codes are simple instructions like: “Take the number at address 100, add the number at address 101, put the result in cell 102”. Continue reading

How to get a Turing Award?

The most famous scientific award in the world is undoubtedly the Nobel Prize. It was founded by the famous industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel (Alfred Bernhard Nobel; 1833 – 1896). The prize has been awarded since 1901 for outstanding achievements in the field of natural sciences: physics, chemistry, biology or medicine.

Two more Nobel Prizes are awarded for achievements in the humanitarian fields: for achievements in the field of literature and for the efforts made in the fight against wars on the planet. Starting from 1969, at the same time with the five prizes listed, another one is awarded – for achievements in the field of economics. The money for the fund from which this premium is paid is allocated by the State Bank of Sweden. Therefore, the prize in economics is called not the Nobel Prize, but the Nobel Prize Continue reading

Who are the first hackers?

Interestingly, modern schoolchildren and students of technical universities realize that the history of computers did not begin with Bill Gates, and the first hackers did not hack servers, and wrote … games for entertainment?

Let’s start from the middle, because for a correct logical narrative, one would have to start from the 50s of the last century. And today, few will master this information, and not because it’s boring, but because it’s all such junk, the first “humanized” programming languages ​​Beisk, Fortran, Kobol and even Pascal existing today. They are as ancient as the real human languages, Latin and ancient Greek, and, thank Continue reading

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Silent computer - is this possible? Quite!
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3D computer
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