Home mini server? Easy and convenient
Many people associate with the word "server" with a large expensive computer installed in a separate room, and with the constantly gloomy system administrator on duty near this farm Far…

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The computer is very noisy
PC noise often interferes with collecting thoughts, annoying - especially in the absence of other sources of noise. To the credit of PC manufacturers, it should be noted that the…

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HP All-in-One 24-f0030ur All-in-One PC
The HP All-in-One 24-f0030ur is a high-speed home-use machine with a dual-core processor of the 8th generation and a storage system based on hard drive and solid-state drive. Such a…

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Work at the computer. How to avoid occupational diseases?

They came without an invitation and said: “Hello, allow me to introduce myself: these are we, three new diseases of the new century, -“ text neck ”,“ smartphone finger ”and“ dry eye ”. However, we, educated people who are knowledgeable in the rules of etiquette, do not want to answer them “very nice” and “welcome”.

Even judging only by the names of these diseases (in the foreign press, respectively, “text neck”, “smartphone finger”, “dry eye”), there is a feeling that we are talking about some sort of gang warfare. In fact, it is: these near-computer diseases are fighting against us, the near-computer population, fighting on all fronts. Not so long ago, electronic gadgets have come into our lives, and already more than 80% of white-collar workers in all developed countries suffer from symptoms of these diseases. In 2011, scientists from the British Physiotherapy Continue reading

What is the Morris Worm?

In early November 1988, the first ever network attack on computers connected to the global network took place. Her culprit was Cornell University graduate student Robert Tappan Morris.

The program, written by Robert Morris, had a small dictionary of the most well-known passwords, which provided it with penetration of 10 percent of computers connected to ARPANET. Once on a foreign computer, the program first checked whether the same program was already installed here. If the computer was still “clean”, the program masked its presence in the system, read a file that contained information about users of the “occupied” system, forwarded this information to the author, and then Continue reading

How to keep your computer healthy?

A computer is a universal tool that allows you to work, relax, chat, or shop. At the same time, even without visiting malicious sites, you cannot be sure of protecting your computer, as the search for vulnerabilities in the IT industry is always ahead of the development of protection. Thus, you should independently worry about the safety of your data with the help of an antivirus.

What is it and why is it necessary? The comfort of using a particular system is inversely related to security. This rule has some derogations, but in general terms it looks just like that. Therefore, no matter how comfortable it is to work, one must assume the possibility of hacking. Even by accessing regular pages and not clicking any unnecessary links, you can get malware onto your computer if the page you Continue reading

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Who are the first hackers?
Interestingly, modern schoolchildren and students of technical universities realize that the history of computers did not begin with Bill Gates, and the first hackers did not hack servers, and wrote…


Can I start programming in 5 minutes? Is quite real
The topic of programming lessons has been raised more than once, but many of these materials are either too complicated for beginners or require additional preparation and installation of various…


Why does your site load for a long time?
Remember how often you get annoyed when you go to Odnoklassniki.ru. And the point here is not at all that you do not like to communicate on social networks or…