Central processor

Home mini server? Easy and convenient
Many people associate with the word "server" with a large expensive computer installed in a separate room, and with the constantly gloomy system administrator on duty near this farm Far…

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What revolutionary computer novelty did the manufacturer prepare for release? SPACE LUMINA
We are witnessing the advent of a new computer era, the era of the so-called wearable technology. There is a super-miniaturization of computer devices. At the same time, the list…

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How to choose a tablet?
If you have a child, then such a question does not arise before him. The answer is obvious - exactly the same as the most advanced peers. But since you…

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How to replace a computer mouse? The future is now!

While corporations are creating the future, I will offer a fairly simple “innovative” solution that helps with computer work. All that is needed is to replace the mouse-type manipulator with the pen of a graphic tablet (like the Genius G-560 or Wacom Bamboo One). Please do not confuse graphic tablets with devices such as iPad. A pen tablet is only a device for inputting information into a computer. I will not scare the horror stories about carpal tunnel syndrome from working with the “mouse”. The pen and tablet are simply more comfortable to use, and the hand gets tired much less and gets tired more slowly. Tablets are inexpensive – because you do not need a professional model for drawing. You can even take a used one. Continue reading

Goodbye personal computer?

In a large store of audio-video equipment, where he wandered for batteries, I watched the following picture. Three migrant workers from sunny Tajikistan (or Uzbekistan) were animatedly discussing a 17-inch laptop model worth about 60,000 rubles. They opened Vista menus, poked a finger at the price tag, got acquainted with the technical data. Clearly wanted to buy a typewriter. Being an individualist, I easily assume that someone is buying one. After all, a computer must be personal. For myself, for my wife, for a child, for elderly parents. You can also buy a dog. Everything is in full accordance with the best model of society – the consumer capitalist. Only it is unlikely that a guest worker will earn nearly 2,000 US tenge per laptop. It’s not only for him to live, he still needs to send a part of the money home to his wife and children. Well, is it possible to take for three … It turns out twenty thousand people. If for six – only 10 pieces. A netbook is more expensive, but here is a full-fledged laptop, a good brand, powerful hardware. Continue reading

Free software for the computer: “nothing to wear”?

You bought a computer for your home, turned it on … – and you immediately wanted to exclaim, like in a fairy tale: “But the king (that is, the computer) is naked!” I mean – there are almost no programs in it except an operating system such as MS Windows XP or Windows Vista / 7. That’s right – commercial user programs cost money, and considerable. Therefore, they must be reinstalled. This is similar to the fact that the new apartment has only walls, but no furniture. Further, computer users have two legal ways. One of them is honestly buying expensive software licenses (the option with installing “pirated” copies of programs is not considered). But there is another way, so simple that it seems incredible, to install legally free software! This will be discussed in the article.

Office software package This is about the Microsoft Office package, which includes the Word text editor, Excel spreadsheets, and others. The author was convinced in practice: many believe that these programs are part of the Continue reading

Why does your site load for a long time?

Remember how often you get annoyed when you go to Odnoklassniki.ru. And the point here is not at all that you do not like to communicate on social networks or simply have something against the site’s management. Not at all, the whole problem is that you can have time to drink 5 cups of tea before the page of this resource loads in the browser. No matter how good, informative, and useful the site may be, it needs to work quickly. If this requirement is not met, in most cases the resource will lose its visitors, who will prefer a less high-quality, but faster portal, in return. Therefore, I would like to talk about the reasons for the slow operation of your resource, so that later you can move on to methods to eliminate Continue reading

Where to start learning programming?

How to learn the art of computer programming? And programming is an art! How to make a complex machine execute your commands? How to understand all the many programming languages?

Where to begin? What to pay special attention to? From the abundance of information on this issue dizzy. Do not despair, I will help you. Many programming languages ​​have been invented, and many are no longer relevant. There is no need to learn all languages, it is important to choose a language for your tasks. All these languages ​​have in common – they don’t speak them, they write programs. A program is a sequence of statements. Continue reading

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