Notebooks for 3D Max
3D Max is a powerful 3D modeling tool. The program can create static three-dimensional pictures…

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Can I start programming in 5 minutes? Is quite real
The topic of programming lessons has been raised more than once, but many of these…

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Choosing a computer correctly
Some people prefer to buy already-equipped models in stores, thinking that the specialists in them…

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What is a tablet computer for?

What is a tablet computer for? First of all, so that a person is not tied to his home or workplace and can move freely anywhere, but at the same time be constantly in touch and up to date with all the events.

The tablet computer is equipped with a touch screen, and you can control it with a stylus or finger. Ease of management is that on a tablet computer you can work both using the keyboard and mouse, and without them. Why do you need a tablet computer, everyone decides for himself. For one, it’s just a fashion accessory, for another, it’s a necessary thing for work, the third gives presentations on it, the fourth just listens to music or watches a movie. Continue reading

Should I use a standard video editor? Windows movie maker

When a large amount of diverse video material is accumulated on the computer of an ordinary user, a definite desire arises (especially given the existence of the Internet and many social networks in it) to share it with as many people as possible.

Home video material such as filming holidays, hiking and other events is calmly laid out on the same YouTube video hosting, some more special shootings can be used to create a variety of video reviews, video blogs and similar Internet hobbies. In any case, the video material that should be posted on the Web often needs some work – if not color correction, then at least cropping unsuccessful fragments. Special programs for such work are video editors (video editors). Continue reading

What to choose – Nvidia or Radeon? Video cards

When buying a computer, the question of choosing a video card is acute. And everyone asks: which is better – ATI or Nvidia? I experienced in my own skin all the “charms” of seeing both brands, and I will tell you my very personal opinion about it.
Nvidia Pros.
The advantage is that Nvidia always optimizes its drivers for games. That is, these cards show fewer different glitches and bugs in gaming applications. But less does not mean that they are not! For those who are going to carry out mathematical calculations on their computers, CUDA technology is useful. But most users buy a card to play, rather than calculate any algorithms. Continue reading