How to choose an antivirus program?
Each computer user often wonders what kind of antivirus is better. The Internet has enough…

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Computer for graphics
Computer graphics can be divided into three-dimensional and two-dimensional. Three-dimensional consists of a skeleton and…

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How to replace a computer mouse? The future is now!
While corporations are creating the future, I will offer a fairly simple “innovative” solution that…

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Free software for the computer: “nothing to wear”?

You bought a computer for your home, turned it on … – and you immediately wanted to exclaim, like in a fairy tale: “But the king (that is, the computer) is naked!” I mean – there are almost no programs in it except an operating system such as MS Windows XP or Windows Vista / 7. That’s right – commercial user programs cost money, and considerable. Therefore, they must be reinstalled. This is similar to the fact that the new apartment has only walls, but no furniture. Further, computer users have two legal ways. One of them is honestly buying expensive software licenses (the option with installing “pirated” copies of programs is not considered). But there is another way, so simple that it seems incredible, to install legally free software! This will be discussed in the article.

Office software package This is about the Microsoft Office package, which includes the Word text editor, Excel spreadsheets, and others. The author was convinced in practice: many believe that these programs are part of the Continue reading

What is a tablet computer for?

What is a tablet computer for? First of all, so that a person is not tied to his home or workplace and can move freely anywhere, but at the same time be constantly in touch and up to date with all the events.

The tablet computer is equipped with a touch screen, and you can control it with a stylus or finger. Ease of management is that on a tablet computer you can work both using the keyboard and mouse, and without them. Why do you need a tablet computer, everyone decides for himself. For one, it’s just a fashion accessory, for another, it’s a necessary thing for work, the third gives presentations on it, the fourth just listens to music or watches a movie. Continue reading

Should I use a standard video editor? Windows movie maker

When a large amount of diverse video material is accumulated on the computer of an ordinary user, a definite desire arises (especially given the existence of the Internet and many social networks in it) to share it with as many people as possible.

Home video material such as filming holidays, hiking and other events is calmly laid out on the same YouTube video hosting, some more special shootings can be used to create a variety of video reviews, video blogs and similar Internet hobbies. In any case, the video material that should be posted on the Web often needs some work – if not color correction, then at least cropping unsuccessful fragments. Special programs for such work are video editors (video editors). Continue reading