The motherboard and its role in personal computers
One of the most important components of your computer is the motherboard. However, her name…

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How does a person control a computer? Present and future
What devices do we use to control computers with? At first there were the tumblers,…

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From Windows to Linux?
I have been repairing and maintaining computers for over 20 years. Started work at MSDOS.…

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Is it possible to create thinking machines? Alan Turing: Between the Past and the Future of Computer Engineering

The second half of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first century were marked by the heyday of information technology, which, beyond recognition, is changing our world. They change our way of life and behavior. Maxim Levin, personal archive More recently, computer system processors were manufactured according to the 32–38 nm process, now processors made using the 10 nm (nano-meters) technology are appearing. That is, Moore’s law is exactly fulfilled, which states that the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit chip doubles every 24 months and not far from the day when the 0 nm limit is reached, the transistors will have to be placed at the atomic level. Already in full swing work is underway to create quantum computers and bioinformatics is developing. And by 2029, Continue reading

Computer for graphics

Computer graphics can be divided into three-dimensional and two-dimensional. Three-dimensional consists of a skeleton and texture, and also sometimes of specified physical properties. Two-dimensional graphics are ordinary pictures. To process 3D scenes, you need a powerful computer. For ordinary 2D graphics, more power is not needed. It is much more important to have the right monitor, and preferably two ..

Types of 2D Graphics
Vector – such images are stored in the form of geometric shapes, lines, points and circles. The convenience of this type of graphics is that it is easier to work with it in the future: quality is not lost when you increase, you can easily edit it after creation. This is the raw material for creating raster images. Continue reading