Donald Davis Who invented the Internet?
Pushkin correctly said - we are lazy and inquisitive. And in any matter, without exception.…

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How to choose a tablet?
If you have a child, then such a question does not arise before him. The…

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How do daddy kids with computers decide the future?
Dad, kids and computer. Why not “mothers, children and a computer”? Because mom has something…

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Notebooks for 3D Max

3D Max is a powerful 3D modeling tool. The program can create static three-dimensional pictures and full-fledged dynamic scenes. Typically, you use a desktop computer rather than a laptop to work with large scenes. But modern technology allows laptop computers to keep up with their stationary counterparts.

The main thing in a powerful iron is the ability to remove heat. During rendering or procedural modeling, computer resources will be used at 100% for some time. This will be a real test for the cooling system.

A good solution for 3D modeling – laptops that manufacturers claim to be gaming. They are designed for long-term loads and, given the popularity and quantity of production, cheaper than specialized ones.

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Computer for video editing 2019

A computer for video editing is not much different from a good gaming one, only the most top-end models are equipped with specialized NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. The computer requirements for working with video depend on which files you are going to process and how.

One of the most powerful computers was created to handle the shark model from the movie Meg: The Monster of the Depths. A system with 2500 Xeon Scalable processors reportedly contained 100,000 cores. On the other hand, you can glue a short video clip even on the weakest computer.

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Computer for the photographer

The average photo taken on a camera with a resolution of 20 MP matrix weighs up to hundreds of MB. You can work with a file up to 100 MB even on a weak computer. Modern components easily cope even with high-resolution photographs. But professional cameras usually have a matrix from 20 to 50, although humanity has not yet clearly reached the upper limit. To work comfortably with high-resolution images, you need a computer with some features. The size of professional images depends on the type of encoding and image format, but in any case, the size of such files is clearly larger.

What should a computer be able to do for a photographer?
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Why does your site load for a long time?
Remember how often you get annoyed when you go to And the point here…


Computer for the photographer
The average photo taken on a camera with a resolution of 20 MP matrix weighs…


How does a person control a computer? Present and future
What devices do we use to control computers with? At first there were the tumblers,…