How to choose an antivirus program?
Each computer user often wonders what kind of antivirus is better. The Internet has enough tips and solutions to this issue, but each person has his own opinion on this…

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Computer for video editing 2019
A computer for video editing is not much different from a good gaming one, only the most top-end models are equipped with specialized NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. The computer requirements…

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Computer graphics. What is it?
Speaking in a dry scientific language, computer graphics (for brevity we will call it CG, in the colloquial terms of users - CJ) refers to the field of computer science,…

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What is Rear Admiral Grace Hopper famous for?

Grace Hopper was an excellent mathematician and one of the first “encoders”, so-called programmers. In the mid-twentieth century, she, as an officer of the US Navy, like everyone who was “close” to computers, worked at Harvard in the department that was engaged in obtaining ballistic tables for artillery tasks.

So Grace Hopper is considered one of the first programmers in the world: she worked on the computer of Mark I, the former, in fact, a giant calculator. The giant Mark I was intended for the computational processes of obtaining artillery ballistic tables, in the already written algorithm, mathematical tasks (modules) of a general nature were provided. Hopper and her colleagues (by the way, there were much more female programmers involved in coding than men) coped with this – they first applied Continue reading

How to get a Turing Award?

The most famous scientific award in the world is undoubtedly the Nobel Prize. It was founded by the famous industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel (Alfred Bernhard Nobel; 1833 – 1896). The prize has been awarded since 1901 for outstanding achievements in the field of natural sciences: physics, chemistry, biology or medicine.

Two more Nobel Prizes are awarded for achievements in the humanitarian fields: for achievements in the field of literature and for the efforts made in the fight against wars on the planet. Starting from 1969, at the same time with the five prizes listed, another one is awarded – for achievements in the field of economics. The money for the fund from which this premium is paid is allocated by the State Bank of Sweden. Therefore, the prize in economics is called not the Nobel Prize, but the Nobel Prize Continue reading

Who are the first hackers?

Interestingly, modern schoolchildren and students of technical universities realize that the history of computers did not begin with Bill Gates, and the first hackers did not hack servers, and wrote … games for entertainment?

Let’s start from the middle, because for a correct logical narrative, one would have to start from the 50s of the last century. And today, few will master this information, and not because it’s boring, but because it’s all such junk, the first “humanized” programming languages ​​Beisk, Fortran, Kobol and even Pascal existing today. They are as ancient as the real human languages, Latin and ancient Greek, and, thank Continue reading

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Goodbye personal computer?
In a large store of audio-video equipment, where he wandered for batteries, I watched the following picture. Three migrant workers from sunny Tajikistan (or Uzbekistan) were animatedly discussing a 17-inch…


Who invented the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination?
This year, personal computers turn 33 years old. And how many miracles for this short period created boxes, the necessity of which even their creators, IBM engineers doubted! In the…


The motherboard and its role in personal computers
One of the most important components of your computer is the motherboard. However, her name speaks for itself. After all, it depends on it what equipment you can install on…